Hey there!

My name is Adrienne, I'm a photographer based in Charleston, South Carolina, and I LOVE WEDDINGS! 

Growing up, like so many girls, I dreamt about what the perfect wedding would be like. For me, it was all about the small meaningful details  of the day and being surrounded by friends and family to celebrate the moment. Fast forward a few years and I am blessed to be able to capture these moments for couples in love.  There is nothing like finishing a wedding and feeling like you've known the bride and groom for years. You've  laughed, cried, and shared an intimate moment in their lives with them. Being able to witness two people become one as their family and friends gather to celebrate how much they love each other,  and to capture every memory to be cherished forever is why I love wedding photography. 

 I am currently a senior at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC pursing a degree in Advertising. When people meet me in person, most of them are surprised to find out how young I am. I started my photography career on my high school yearbook staff and now have six years of experience. I am constantly learning, trying new things, and attending conferences to strengthen my photography skills.  

I was born and raised in Charleston, so, naturally, I love all things Southern. Spanish moss, magnolias, historic houses and plantation weddings, sweet tea, mason jars, pearls, monograms; I love it all. I also love reading, binge watching Netflix, spending time with my friends and family, and playing tourist in my city! 



I would love to grab coffee with you to discuss your wedding photography needs! Send me a message through the contact tab to set up a meeting!